Lend a Hand

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Heart Mothers exists primarily to establish relationships between these young women and supportive, trustworthy women who can serve as a loving mother-figure. If you are interested in making this commitment as a new Heart Mother, please contact us. We cannot guarantee that there will be an available Heart Daughter for you to be paired with immediately, but we are always looking for women who are consistent and willing to share their love. 

Additionally, there are other ways in which you can volunteer locally and from afar. Heart Mothers do not all have Heart Daughters, after all. The girls' greatest need right now is funding, because AFESIP lost its main source of funding in late 2014. Donations and fundraisers are greatly needed and appreciated.

Even if you cannot give or help raise money, you can always be an advocate and an activist. Raising awareness is one of the key goals of Heart Mothers. Girls across the world, not just in Cambodia, need our help, and you can help them by advocating for the end of sex-trafficking as well as for the prosecution of enslavers.

If you would like to volunteer with Heart Mothers, please message us on our 'Contact Us' page to better understand your options. You can also donate or learn about fundraising on our 'Donate' page.​