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AFESIP, Agir pour les Femmes en Situation Precaire

AFESIP (the french acronym for 'Acting for Women in Distressed Situations') is the organization we directly support financially. AFESIP is based in Cambodia, and directly supports victims at the rescue centers by providing room and board, medical and psychological care, education and vocational training. The organization also runs several outreach programs; for example, an HIV/AIDS outreach program which aims to educate local sex workers about how to best protect themselves and their health.

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Together 1 Heart
Together1Heart is a new nonprofit organization based in Los Angeles, CA which organizes large social events to fund AFESIP. This organization aims to use survivor empowerment to fight against trafficking and exploitation of underage girls.

Allstream Technical Consultants, Inc

Allstream is an oil and gas consulting firm based in Houston, TX.